Serve up authentic, crispy, golden brown
¡Hola! Churros

From a place that knows how to fiesta, treat customers to the perfect churros, hot and fresh with sweet cinnamon sugar on top.

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¡Hola! Churros™ Authentic Spanish Style

  • Available in bite size, 5″ mini, 10″ traditional and 16″ king size churros
  • Versatile product that can be featured throughout the day
  • Individually wrapped, grab-n-go options available for some sizes
  • Perfect paired with coffee, cappuccino, or espresso

Product Information

¡Hola! Churros™
Product CodeBrandProduct Description
40023511¡Hola! Churros™10" Apple Filled Churros - 50 ct
40013722¡Hola! Churros™10" Bavarian Cream Filled Churros - 100 ct
40023512¡Hola! Churros™10" Bavarian Cream Filled Churros - 50 ct
40013724¡Hola! Churros™10" Cajeta Filled Churros - 100 ct
40023514¡Hola! Churros™10" Cajeta Filled Churros - 50 ct
40023510¡Hola! Churros™10" Churros - 50 ct
40013720¡Hola! Churros™10" Churros - 100 ct
40023513¡Hola! Churros™10" Strawberry Filled Churros - 50 ct
40018720¡Hola! Churros™16" King Churros - 100 ct
40011830¡Hola! Churros™5" Mini Churros - 200 ct
004185¡Hola! Churros™Churro Bites - ~500 ct
40013800¡Hola! Churros™Churro Bun 50 ct

¡Hola! Churros Authentic Spanish Style

These hand-crafted, loop shaped churros are new to the ¡Hola! Churros™ brand, and capture a more premium look.

  • Hand-crafted, Spanish style with an authentic loop shape
  • Perfect addition to menus as an appetizer, snack, or coffee pairing
  • Light and fluffy interior, with a crispy and flavorful exterior
  • Create a Churro Bar and craft your own topping experience!
  • Available in a 3" loop
  • Packed with cinnamon sugar
¡Hola! Churros™
Product CodeBrandProduct Description
41805¡Hola! Churros™3" Small Loop Pre-Fried Churros - ~250 ct