Upscale the ordinary with authentic
Bavarian Pretzels and Rolls

Upgrade your menu with Bavarian-style soft pretzels & rolls to bring an authentic pretzel experience to your customers.
These pretzels don’t just taste great, they also deliver an artisan touch to your establishment.



  • The same traditional SUPERPRETZEL® Soft Pretzel now available in an authentic, bavarian style dough
  • Thaw & serve or heat & serve
  • Pre-sliced varieties available
  • Variety of shapes and sizes

Product Information

Product CodeBrandProduct Description
3253SUPERPRETZEL® BavarianSoft Pretzel Braid 7.0oz. - 50 ct
7074SUPERPRETZEL® BavarianSourdough Soft Pretzel 3.2oz - 64 ct
7041SUPERPRETZEL® BavarianSourdough Soft Pretzel 7.0oz- 40 ct
7099SUPERPRETZEL® BavarianNEW! Bavarian Soft Pretzel Bites 0.4oz - ~500 ct
7049SUPERPRETZEL® BavarianBavarian SweetDough Soft Pretzel 6.0oz - 56 ct
7098 SUPERPRETZEL® Bavarian Bavarian Dough Soft Pretzel 5.5 oz - 40 ct
7114 SUPERPRETZEL® Bavarian Super Jumbo Soft Pretzel 24 oz- 9 ct
7092 SUPERPRETZEL® Bavarian New York Style Soft Pretzel 7.5 oz.
Pretzel Rolls and Salad Photo


  • A culinary experience boasting authentic flavor and soft interior
  • Distinguished soft pretzel with a hint of sweetness
  • Available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes          1.75 oz - 7.5 oz

Product Information

Labriola® Baking Company
Product CodeBrandProduct Description
9433004 Labriola® Baking Company 4.0 oz Demi Hinge Sliced- 60 ct
9048001 Labriola® Baking Company 3.4 oz Hamburger Bun Sliced - 72 ct
9421102 Labriola® Baking Company 0.33oz. Soft Pretzel Bites (Bulk-Approx. 400 ct.)

Bavarian Bakery®

  • All Bavarian Bakery products are fully baked and taste great
  • Various dough formulations appealing to different usage
  • Thaw & serve or heat & serve
  • Pre-sliced varieties available
  • Variety of shapes and sizes

Product Information

Bavarian Bakery®
Product CodeBrandProduct Description
7107Bavarian Bakery®1.0 oz Bavarian Pretzel Slider Roll - 160 ct
7050Bavarian Bakery®2.7 oz Medium Bavarian Pretzel Roll - 108 ct
7061Bavarian Bakery®3.2 oz Bavarian Pretzel Hot Dog Roll - 50 ct
7052Bavarian Bakery®4.0 oz Giant Bavarian Pretzel Roll - 80 ct
7382Bavarian Bakery®1.2 oz Mini Bavarian Pretzel Stick ESL - 100 ct
7106Bavarian Bakery®12" Sub Roll - 32ct.
3295Bavarian Bakery®2.4 oz Soft Bavarian Pretzel Stick - 72 ct