Prost to Authenticity!

It’s not only a soft pretzel, but also a delicious piece of art. Translating into “pub pretzel” in German, the Brauhaus Pretzel™ combines many different worldly ingredients to provide a lively taste experience, much like eating in a German pub. Handmade and rolled to perfection with authenticity, it’s a true Oktoberfest pretzel!

Brahaus Pretzel Authentic Bavarian Soft Pretzels Photo

Brauhaus Pretzel

  • Hand crafted, Bavarian style with an earthy rye flavor
  • Perfect addition to menus as an appetizer, snack, or beer pairing
  • Light and fluffy interior, with a fresh baked crunch on the outside
  • No artificial colors and flavors

Product Information

Brauhaus Pretzel
Product CodeBrandProduct Description
4497957373Brauhaus Pretzel™Authentic Bavarian Soft Pretzel 5 oz. - 32 ct
4497957374Brauhaus Pretzel™Authentic Bavarian Soft Pretzel 10 oz. - 12 ct
60628Brauhaus Pretzel™Course White Salt 5 oz. – 100 ct