Our ¡Hola! Southwest Crispy Recipe uses corn flour for an authentic crunch in every bite

This crispy style churro has a light and fluffy interior with a crispy exterior.

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¡Hola! Churros® Southwest Crispy Style

  • Available in bite size, 5″ mini, 10″ traditional and 16″ king size churros
  • Versatile product that can be featured throughout the day
  • Individually wrapped, grab-n-go options available for some sizes
  • Perfect paired with coffee, cappuccino or espresso

Product Information

¡Hola! Churros®
Product CodeBrandProduct Description
4113¡Hola! Churros®5" Bavarian Creme Filled Churro - 100 ct
3321¡Hola! Churros®10" Traditional Churros - 100 ct
3328¡Hola! Churros®10" Traditional Churros with Cinnamon Sugar - 100 ct
3341¡Hola! Churros®16" Double Twisted Churros - 65 ct
3317¡Hola! Churros®16" Traditional Churros - 100 ct
3329¡Hola! Churros®16" Traditional Churros with Cinnamon Sugar - 100 ct
3314¡Hola! Churros®5" Mini Churro - 200 ct
4164¡Hola! Churros®Double Twisted Churros Regular Size with Cinnamon Sugar - 50 ct