Hola Churros

¡Hola! Churros®. The Quick Way To Boost Your Snack & Dessert Sales

More quick service restaurant chains are adding ¡Hola! Churros® to their menu this year, and for good reasons. The delightful flavor of this global favorite has made churros the fastest growing mini dessert in America*.

Menu penetration of churros is similar, enabling national chains to offer them with universal appeal to their customers.

The consumer appeal is nationwide and consumer awareness continues to grow on this delectable fusion of the flavor of cinnamon toast with recollections of a donut. ¡Hola! Churros is made by J&J Snack Foods, the masters of delightful, easy to prep foodservice items.

Here are three great reasons ¡Hola! Churros makes sense for boosting your snack and dessert sales.

1.    A Favorite For Any Daypart

Casual restaurants and coffee-centric chains were the first to discover the cravable appeal of churros. From breakfast dunkables to snacks for slower dayparts or late night, to sides for lunch or dinner, ¡Hola! Churros® offer shapes and sizes that fit the daypart.

From chicken to burger-centric chains, early adopters are cashing in on churros.

2.    Easy Prep. Versatile. Great Hold Times.

With so many shapes and sizes, ¡Hola! Churros® off extreme versatility for any menu.

Few menu items offer an easier prep than ¡Hola Churros®. Simply heat, sprinkle with cinnamon sugar, and serve. Or, add your own creative twist by adding unique toppings, or adding them to ice cream or soft servers with an upcharge. They are also bakeable or can be prepped in air fryers to free up deep fryer space in the kitchen. Churros also offer great hold times for pre-staging for peak or slow service periods. ¡Hola! Churro Bites are likewise easy for using fry bags for your packaging.

3.    A Total Solution From A Single Source

¡Hola Churros® are made by J&J Snack Foods, the leading provider of iconic brands with menu solutions within the snack and frozen beverage and treat categories. With multiple plants crafting everything from Bavarian Bakery® Pretzel Rolls for burgers, sliders and hot dogs, to new SuperPretzel® Bavarian Pretzel Bites, ICEE® Frozen Beverages, Funnel Cake Factory® Fries, and even Dippin’ Dots for restaurant operators. J&J Snack Foods offers menu planning ideas for any daypart.

Churros on American menus have grown +103%* in just the past four years. It’s clearly ready to emerge on more restaurant menus this year. There is a size and shape for yours. Contact your distributor or J&J Snack Foods representative and get started on boosting your snack or dessert menu for the year by requesting a free sample.

*Datassential, Dec. 2023