Here’s How Our New Soft Pretzel Bites Can Light Up Your C-Store Sales This Summer!

We’ve crafted the next generation of soft pretzel bites that your customers will love.

Looking for something new for your foodservice offering this summer? Say hello to new SuperPretzel® Bavarian Pretzel Bites that are ready for the road. From J&J Snack Foods who brought the iconic large soft pretzels to convenience retailers decades ago, these new little brothers are on trend of exceptional flavor.

The new pretzel bites are superior in taste, quality, and have longer hold times versus the competition. Pre-baked for ‘heat and serve’ convenience, the new pretzel bites are ideal for convenience stores wishing to grow their sales to busy customers who seek a bite size snack for driving.

Time is limited at the store level, so J&J Snack Foods has conveniently packed salt in the case giving you that all-in-one package convenience.

The distinctive scored look atop each pretzel bite offers the appearance of hand-crafted detail. The bites are perfect for growing average ticket sales through purchases of soft drinks and beer.

According to Datassential, 48% of consumer’s last snack was eaten somewhere other than where it was purchased. The new pretzel bites can hold in a warming cabinet up to five hours! So, rest assured the upgraded new pretzel bites will perform well in your store and on the road.

Learn more about the new pretzel bites and J&J’s complete line of products for c-stores. If you would like a free sample, ask your broker on go online to request them now.