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Here Are the Trending Menu Items You Don’t Want to Miss

Building traffic and increasing your average ticket are top priorities. No other brand brings you more opportunities to do both than J&J Snack Foods. As you build out your LTOs and regular menus this year, be sure to look at our offering. Here are just a few examples.

New SuperPretzel® Bavarian Pretzel Bites.

New SuperPretzel® Bavarian Pretzel Bites can be used in multiple menu applications, from a bar snack, a salad topping, sharable appetizer, or grab-and-go snack. Datassential says pretzel bites have grown on menus by 33% since 2020 and projected to grow through 2027. Our new pretzel bites are made with authentic Bavarian-style dough and pre-scored to give a hand-crafted look. So easy to prep, you can just thaw and serve, or heat and serve. It might be your best new menu item discovery of the year. Request your free sample.

New ¡Hola! Churros Fries are the latest twist on innovation from J&J Snack Foods.

 ¡Hola! Churros® by J&J Snack Foods is the market leader with a broad selection of shapes and styles of frozen churros that are as easy to prep as heat and serve. New ¡Hola! Churro Fries are the next great discovery. These 4-inch churros are perfect as a shared dessert for dipping into caramel or chocolate. As a drivable snack, these fries are ideal for quick service and convenience stores because they offer great hold times.

Hola Churros Chocolate Filled Churros add an extra layer of indulgence.

Another addition to the ¡Hola! Churros® line is its chocolate-filled churros that are sure to capture the attention of your customers and grow your sales. According to Datassential, the median menu price is $7.99 with extraordinary growth among casual restaurants. The menu research company ranks churros as outperforming 96% of all other menu items for the most growth through 2027. Thus, if you are just now considering churros, there is plenty more years of growth ahead. You are welcome to request your free sample of a variety of ¡Hola! Churros now.

Bring excitement to your beverage menu with ICEE®.
Bring excitement to your beverage menu with ICEE®.

More and more operators are adding ICEE® to their beverage menus. A multi-generational icon in frozen beverages, this 66-year-old brand offers higher margins than carbonated beverages and is easy to serve. Consumers love this brand, and you will too when you promote it on your social media and menu and see your revenue grow. Cool off your customers and heat up your sales by adding ICEE® goodness to your beverage offerings. Contact ICEE for more information.

Funnel Fries® from The Funnel Cake Factory® are irresistible.
Funnel Fries® from The Funnel Cake Factory® are irresistible.

Tempt your customer’s taste buds with a nostalgic sharable treat with Funnel Fries®. Delicious, pre-formed funnel cake fries cut down on prep time and can be heated or fried. Top them with powdered sugar and upcharge for chocolate or caramel sauce for dipping. Ideal for almost any foodservice segment. Request your free sample.

Did you know that J&J Snack Foods also offers another icon in Dippin’ Dots®? Just think about the buzzworthy possibilities!

Dippin' Dots' newest flavor, Frozeti DoughTM Ice Cream, is here and it's dough-licious!
Dippin’ Dots’ newest flavor, Frozeti DoughTM Ice Cream, is here and it’s dough-licious!

Did you know that J&J Snack Foods’ portfolio of brands also includes Dippin’ Dots, another icon in food service? Dippin’ Dots’ new Frozeti Dough is a craveable combination of sugar cookie Dippin’ Dots Ice Cream, dotted with pieces of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Chocolate Sandwich Cookie Dough.

Inspired by Dippin’ Dots’ mascot Frozeti the Yeti’s cool blue color, blue sugar cookie flavored ice cream dots are mixed with a delightful duo of doughs—Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Sandwich in an irresistibly fun and dough-licious flavor innovation. Ideal for multiple segments, contact Dippin’ Dots for more information.

J&J Snack Foods offers multiple ways to serve fun on your menu to increase traffic and drive sales this year. Visit the website for the complete line of deliciously easy ways to grow your sales. Contact your J&J Snack Foods Representative now.