J&J Snack Foods

Here Are Just A Few Of What’s Waiting for Your K-12 Menu!

There are so many great brands you can count on for K-12 from J&J Snack Foods.

Your students know and love the many items from the J&J Snack Foods K-12 portfolio. The portfolio offers a variety of healthy and nutritious student approved products. As you look ahead to next school year, it’s a great time to reacquaint yourself with some of our most popular soft pretzels, frozen novelties, breakfast bars, and more.

Soft Pretzels

Our 51% Whole Grain SuperPretzel®Soft Pretzels are delicious and made for dipping.

Our 51% Whole Grain SuperPretzel® line is the perfect menu addition that brings joy to your students. Soft, warm, nutritious, these pretzels are easy to thaw and serve.

From our trend-forward 51% Whole Grain Gourmet Low Sodium Rolls for sandwiches and hot dogs, to individually wrapped 51% Whole Grain SuperPretzels for snack times or field trips, there’s a shape and size that’s ideal for your next menu.

Frozen Novelties

A great way to increase meal participation is to offer frozen novelties students love. J&J Snack Foods offers great tasting 100% juice frozen novelties and sherbet cups. For example, Luigi’s® 100% Frozen Juice Sorbet has a fun variety of flavor combinations. There are also four flavors of Luigi’s® Sherbet made with fruit juice.

Whole Fruit® Frozen Juices Cups are 100% fruit juice with seven exciting flavor combinations such as Orange Pineapple & Cherry Swirl and Mixed Berry & Lemon. Shape Up’s® are themed frozen juice ups for special occasions or themed lunchroom events including pumpkins, snowmen, birthday celebrations or shamrocks.

Pre-Packaged Snacks

When it comes to pre-packaged snacks that keeps students happy at breakfast, lunch, after school snack, or à la carte, J&J Snack Foods is there. Take 51% Whole Grain ¡Hola! Churros® pre-packaged and fruit-filled snacks including apple, raspberry, and cinnamon filled.

Readi-Bake® BeneFIT Breakfast Bars are likewise ideal for any daypart or for grab & go. They are a great source of fiber and are as easy as thaw and serve with flavors ranging from oatmeal raisin and oatmeal chocolate chip to banana chocolate chunk. Try new chocolate cream chip and celebration bars. 

Readi-Bake Crunch & Crave Crackers and 51% Whole Grain Pre-Packaged Jungle Crackers and Belly Bears Graham Crackers are offered in flavors of chocolate, honey, and cinnamon. All are a great source of fiber.

Cookie Dough

Delicious Readi-Bake® 51% Whole Grain Frozen Cookie Dough is another opportunity for easily baking up delight on your menu. Pre-portioned with less than 200 calories each, there are 5 flavors to choose from for you students.

Learn more about our complete line of products made for K-12. Or, contact your J&J Snack Foods Representative.