3 Reasons Why Pretzel Bites Can Be Your New #1 Appetizer

Sharable appetizers are a customer favorite that makes money for restaurant operators in so many ways.  That’s why new SuperPretzel® Bavarian Soft Pretzel Bites from J&J Snack Foods is a menu must-have addition. From their premium quality, versatility, ease of prep, and profit margin, it’s a great bet these new soft pretzel bites can grow your sales.

Soft pretzels are two of the top 10 fastest growing non-fried appetizers, and pretzel bites are #1 according to Datassential.

Soft pretzels are two of the top 10 fastest growing non-fried appetizers, and pretzel bites are #1 according to Datassential.

J&J Snack Foods brought soft pretzels to scale for a national consumer audience a half-century ago with giant SuperPretzel soft pretzels. With the opening of a new production line, the company is bringing new opportunities to cash in on consumer demand in lots of shapes and sizes.

The new pretzel bites are freshly baked with an artisan, hand-scored look, a soft fluffy interior, and a classic Bavarian flavor. Flash frozen at their peak of freshness you simply thaw and bake them in minutes. They even come with salt for sprinkling atop each while they are warm and ready for service.

Here are three other important reasons these new pretzel bites make sense for menus.

1.     Menu Versatility

From a bar snack to a side for salads, burgers, soups, and sandwiches, our Bavarian Soft Pretzel Bites may be your most versatile menu addition. Add them as a solo appetizer and a unique addition to charcuterie and the applications are endless. Sprinkle them with something like fresh cut jalapenos or a match them with your own custom sauce and you can call them your own.

Sharable appetizers unlock added profit from beverage sales. Our new pretzel bites will make them thirsty.

2.     Sharable Means More People, More Drinks

Traffic to your restaurants is a key factor to success. Enticing friends to gather for some pretzel bites, a few laughs, and some drinks makes for a profitable proposition for any casual dining, sports bar, or tavern. Take a few images of pretzel bites with a beer and dips, then post to your social and enjoy the fun and profit.

3.     One Source for Delightful Menu Solutions

J&J Snack Foods is not only the go-to source for pretzel buns, sticks, giant pretzels, and pretzel bites, it is also your source for multiple crowd pleasers. ¡Hola! Churros®, Funnel Cake Factory® Fries, ICEE® frozen beverages, or Dippin’ Dots®  all come from J&J Snack Foods.

SuperPretzel® Bavarian Soft Pretzel Bites offer a distinct opportunity to serve a top trending item to your menu that is easy to prepare, extremely versatile, and packed with profit. If you are tooling up your menu for the year ahead, now is the time to ask your broker or distributor for the new #1 in non-fried appetizers.