SuperPretzel® Bavarian Pretzel Bites offers bite-size bliss for multiple applications.

5 Reasons Why Our Pretzel Bites Can Grow Your Sales & Profitability

Few menu items can do more for your business than our SuperPretzel® Bavarian Pretzel Bites. From the #1 selling brand of soft pretzels, the J&J Snack Foods Research and Development Team thought of everything in creating the next generation pretzel bite that can grow your sales and profit. Here are five great reasons why you ought to add these golden babies to your menu.

Bite-Size Indulgence

SuperPretzel® Bavarian Pretzel Bites offers bite-size bliss for multiple applications.

All the indulgence with less of the guilt with bite-size bliss as a side or a snack. New SuperPretzel Bavarian Pretzel Bites are perfect as a sharable appetizer, a salad side, a grab & go or catering menu item. Their versatility makes them an item that’s worthy of an operation.

Tops In Trends

According to Datassential, pretzel bites has outpaced all other mini appetizers and non-fried appetizers since 2020.

Pretzel bites have grown by more than 32% on menus as a non-fried appetizer nationwide.

They also are projected to grow more than 97% of all other menu items through 2027. Thus, by adding our pretzel bites now, you are still ahead of the growth curve for years ahead.

Sooo Simple To Prep

It’s as simple at thaw and serve, or heat and serve.

Our new pretzel bites are pre-baked and frozen at their peak of freshness. Simply thaw and serve or warm them in an oven or microwave. Each bite is pre scored for a hand crafted look your customers will appreciate. Each case includes salt for sprinkling before serving to keep them thirsty. Their hold times also mean that our pretzel bites are a great addition to takeout or delivery orders, grab & go or catering. Easy prep equals faster kitchen velocities and less stress on your staff.

Ring Up More Bar Drinks

Our pretzel bites are a go-to when you are looking for menu items that spark more bar drink orders. With salty goodness on top and bite-sized and sharable there’s more thirsty customers ordering beer or liquor drinks to leverage profitability like no other. Add them to your charcuterie and multiply satisfaction of group customers at parties, banquets, or catering.

Upsell Worthy

Think custom sauces for dipping with an upcharge for the sauce. Think about our pretzel bites as an upsell to salads, soups, burgers, or sandwiches. Think about a bar menu that can accompany a beer. SuperPretzel Bavarian Pretzel Bites are a perfect menu addition to help your staff upsell every day.

Ready To Start Boosting Your Sales And Profits?

If you aren’t convinced that our new pretzel bites can lift your sales and profits yet, then why not taste them? Go now to our special site for requesting a free sample and get started. Or contact a J&J Snack Foods Representative to start the conversation about our new pretzel bites and a lot more.